【腐ree! 】アフタースクール by 日和



Original: 夢よりすてきな

Translation: grallais

This one is amazing, hot, and cute. Makoharu kiss c:

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詰め合わせ by AKIRA








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Anonymous: Is nagisa x haru also a popular pairing?

It exists, but I wouldn’t say it’s as well known as other pairings ^^


/nervous laughter

cipusmanis: When I begin to think that makoharu is a ship that have no future because of makoto's onesided love (and I ship them so much, can feel my heartbreaking?), episode 6 makes me have a makoharu attack at full force! And I nearly throw my laptop because of their nearly kiss *dies* I hope this show give us more makoharu scene,,

I hope so too! More than just the almost-kiss, ep 6 gave us a lot of insight to makoharu’s history and relationship, and most importantly we get to see Haru’s feelings as well. Up until now Haru has been portrayed as the stoic, indifferent character but in ep 6 he was impulsive (diving into the ocean after Makoto), scared (after pulling Makoto out), angry (his outburst at Rei), as well as sensitive of Makoto’s feelings (basically all the times in ep 5-6 when he asked Makoto if he was okay). I’m really glad the anime took the time to show all these things and to show that Haru does care for Makoto.

give me back five minutes of my time


series: free!

pairing: tachibana makoto/nanase haruka

word count: 1200

warnings: some kissing but it’s pretty mild

a/n: a ‘what if nagisa and rei had taken five minutes longer to find them’ fic. post-ep 6 so spoilers up to the presently aired episode. fuck this anime it’s ruining my life.

 Haru was always hard to read. His face was a blank canvas that absorbed a brush stroke of emotion as quickly as it was drawn, and he’d mastered the art of keeping his heart so thoroughly under his sleeve it was sometimes easy to wonder if he had one at all. It had always been that way. If anything, when they were children it had been worse. Haru had drawn strange, concerned looks from the other mothers picking up their children at the swim club when they were little, and awkward smiles from other adults who didn’t know how to deal with him. Teachers would frown, puzzled, and Haru would simply stare with that same, placid look.

To Makoto, though, it was like reading a familiar, well-thumbed book.

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