Anonymous: Where is that clip of Makoto climaxing from? @_@

Are you talking about an audio post? There are multiple posts where Makoto’s voice actor does a climax scene I think. He does one for a BL series, and then another clip is from a radio show(?) or something where he’s messing around.

makoharu + touch



i have no idea what au this is supposed to be

ug i sort of got carried away from your original request but i hope you like it anyway 

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musselbum and boyf floating in the ocean warm up sketch

based on niuniente's marine biology au



High Speed! gave me so many more emotions than a light novel about a middle school swim team had any right to.  





cosplay by you(haruka) , 遊夜(makoto)

I think the one who was always supporting Haruka from the shadows was Makoto. I think it’s because Makoto was there that Haruka was able to make it this far without stopping, that’s what I mean by my chest tightening at the relationship between those two —Hiroko Utsumi - Director, Storyboard of Free!


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Hey, MakoHaru Fans - come join us for Iwatobi White Day!

Do you love these boys, individually and together?

Then we’d love to have you come check out Iwatobi White Day 2014, a low pressure/low stress gift-giving event for the entire Free! fandom!

  • Everyone is invited to join in, even if you’re not an artist or writer. ♥
  • Those who submit a wishlist will get their own “shoe locker”: a post with their name in the subject line and their wishlist as the text of the post.
  • Rather than assignments, everyone is encouraged to browse the lockers and leave gifts, starting on February 14th. (You might do it for a friend or a crush or someone you admire or even someone you don’t know whose wishlist details inspire you.)
  • Gifts may be art, comics, fic, vids, fanmixes, icons and other graphics, simple wishes of holiday cheer, or whatever you can think of/want to give.

Full details, including a link to sign-ups, are here.


  • Wishlist Submissions open: January 14, 2014.
  • Shoe Lockers open and gift giving begins: February 14, 2014 (Valentine’s Day).
  • Wishlist Submissions close: February 21, 2014.
  • Reveal: March 14, 2014 (White Day).

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